Create your own home page, accessible from any PC. No more favorites folders to maintain. Best of all, it's free!

About this site allows you to create a home page of your favorite links,
which can be accessed from anywhere!

You can even password protect your page, so no one else can access it.

How to get started

From the main page on this site, enter the name of your page.

Sample names:

  • Fred's page
  • Turbo Cars Inc
  • Johnny2388
  • Cubs Fan 312

Then .. click "Edit/Create". You will be taken to an editor where you can enter links.

In the left field, enter a label for the link .. like "Football News"

In the right field, enter the actual site address .. like "".

Click Add Link to add more links to your page.

Then, enter a password at the bottom of the form, so you can edit the page later on.

That's it! The home page will be saved, for you to access later on.

What are you waiting for? Click here to get started!

Sample Home Pages

Movie Monkey
Electronics Master
NFL Mania
News Overload
Chicago Home

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